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25 - 29 October

Cocked and Loaded


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50 mins

Cocked and Loaded

Presented by Comedy Gold
This show is R16

After three successful seasons of When Booty Calls and When Booty Calls: The Rebooty, Comedy Gold are takin’ the Wild Wild West by the reins in the brand spankin, shootin-tootin new show Cocked and Loaded.
This original script is full to the brim with Comedy Gold’s trademark physical comedy, fight choreography, and punny script, us folk ain’t holdin’ back with this one. We’re learnin’ new tricks, plottin’ new twists and keepin’ the utter filth.
So hold onto your hats, comb out your stache, and get ready to draw. Book your tickets now.

Rom-com tropes! Homoerotic sword fight/dancing! Utter filth! Unbelievably horny! This show has everything and is truly a revelation of genre, combining meta commentary, action-comedy and some good old fashioned romance.
Emma Maguire, Theatreview 2022

Comedy Gold was founded out of Te Herenga Waka (2020) and consists of members Troy Etherington, Nina Hogg, Phoebe Caldeiro and previously Tom Aitcheson. In 2021 the company was joined by Ella Wells.

Cocked and Loaded features performances from:

Nina Hogg (When Booty Calls, Jez and Jace, Poprox Improv, Captain Caketin Sketch Comedy)

Phoebe Caldeiro (The Adults Are Talking, When Booty Calls, Music Sounds Better Out Here)

Troy Etherington (When Booty Calls, Troy Eats a Can of Beans in Fifty Minutes)

Ashton Marla (When Booty Calls)

Directed by Austin Harrison

Set Design and Photography by Scott Maxim

Fight Choreography by Nina Hogg

Music Composed by Phoebe Caldeiro

Marketing and Publicity by Ashton Marla

Stage Management by Jasmine Bryham

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