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5 - 9 June

Confessions of a Sleepwalking Insomniac


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60 mins

Confessions of a Sleepwalking Insomniac

Written by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

UPDATE FOR FRIDAY 7 JUNE PERFORMANCE - Unfortunately, this night's performance has been cancelled due to sickness.
Instead, the playwright Helen Vivienne Fletcher has offered to do a playreading of the show to anyone who would like to attend this evening. Otherwise we can refund, credit or donate your ticket to the artists if you prefer.

If you are attending for Audio Description, we have been able to reschedule with them to tomorrow so please let us know if that suits you and we can transfer your tickets, and will be in touch if anything changes.
So sorry for the inconvenience! We hope to see you at Helen's playreading or later this weekend.

A sniper just shot a bullet through Briar’s window.

Or… Briar had a nightmare and went crashing into a solid wooden door. Hopefully the MRI machine can tell her which.

Briar’s always been a sleepwalker, but when a new relationship sends her sleep disorder into overdrive, it’s not just her REM cycle that suffers. Briar’s grip on reality is slipping, and her life is coming apart with it. Her one hope is the possibility of an assistance dog, but with injuries a nightly occurrence and her girlfriend’s patience wearing thin, will Briar live long enough to meet her furry saviour?

Based on the true story of a series of things that didn’t really happen, playwright Helen Vivienne Fletcher draws on her lifetime of sleep misadventures in this solo play.

Falling asleep, or falling in love – which one is about to crash?


Live Streaming, Captioning, and Audio Description are thanks to the ANZ Staff Foundation.

Wednesday June 5th 6:30pm - Opening Night

Thursday June 6th 6:30pm - Live Streamed/ Captioned Performance - Book here

UPDATE - MOVED TO SATURDAY 8TH JUNE 6:30pm - Audio Described

Saturday June 8th 6:30pm - NZSL Interpreted Performance (NZSL Briefing 6pm)

Sunday June 9th, 4 pm - Relaxed Matinee Performance



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Creative team

Performer: Pauline Ward

Director: Emma Katene

Writer and Producer: Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Designer: Kate Anderson

Sound Designer: Emma Katene

Stage Manager: Crystal Pulkowski

NZSL: Nicola Clements

Deaf Consultant: Theresa Cooper

Confessions of a Sleepwalking Insomniac was first commissioned and presented as a development season in 2022 by the TAHI Festival. This premiere season has been made possible thanks to support from the Wellington City Council.

Content warning

Discussions of mental health, suicidal ideation, ableism, medical trauma, grief (loss of parent), sounds of gunfire, sirens.