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28 February - 2 March

Daughters of Willow


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45 mins

Daughters of Willow


Fur coats and an eer of secrecy. An evening of intrigue and angst as three well known figures in society come together to navigate an underground world in which they can unveil their true selves before having to cover their tracks and return home; their escapades unbeknownst to those they sleep next to. Inspired by underground societies that existed for women in the early 1900’s that enabled women to meet and carry out jobs that were only to be done by man at the time.

Daughters of Willow allows these alias' to be reimagined and resurfaced as we celebrate the feminine power and lean into a sensuality that propels the performance. We invite the audience to a weekly meeting at our underground society, where we confide in them and reveal our truths. Liberated and frustrated, we journey our way through town rumours, inner desires and secrets

Creative Team

Choreographer: Elizabeth Cocks

Performers and collaboraters: Sasha Matsumoto, Lulu Qiu and Georgia Menhennet.

Sound Design: Sibel Atalay