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6 November - 11 December

Doom and Bloom Presents: Subvert

Ben Zolno


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60 mins

Ruthless and inventive, Doom & Bloom take an idea from the audience and subvert it into something unexpected. Masters of invisible improv and existential confrontation, D&B have been a regular Wellington improv curio, morphing their style to pursue ever-more-difficult variations.

Now, the pair are going on a postmodern rampage. Like a VHS tape copied far too many times, 'Subvert' seeks to produce something wholly unexpected. What contortions will these two go through for your intellectual curiosity? More importantly, will you leave the theatre looking at the world the same way as when you came in?

Doom & Bloom – Brendan "Monty" West and Ben Zolno – believe grounded, bare-bones improv can produce results that are at once intellectually fascinating, and emotionally walloping. They've been performing and teaching together for three years in Wellington. BATS is where they have come into their own.