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2 July

Doom & Bloom: Cockatrice


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60 mins

Doom & Bloom: Cockatrice

Like the parents of a cockatrice – the mythical creature with two distinct animals as parents – BATS' long-time comedy duo Doom & Bloom bring to life a unique hybrid of two audience members' stories. Made up entirely on the spot, there is no telling what the power of the hybrid will be... other than the unexpected, hilarious, and quite possibly touching.

GRIPPING, DELICIOUS, POIGNANT... They love what they do and are very good at it
John Smythe, Theatreview

Brendan "Monty" West and Ben Zolno have been performing as unscripted theatre duo Doom & Bloom for four years. Their relentless desire to hold a mirror to humanity's absurdity has driven them to produce six different productions to date. Cockatrice is their seventh.