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20 - 24 September

Drop Dead Gorgeous - A Drag Murder Miss-tery


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20 Sep 6.30 PM   13 left
21 Sep 6.30 PM   53 left
22 Sep 6.30 PM   55 left
23 Sep 6.30 PM   55 left
23 Sep 9.30 PM   55 left
24 Sep 6.30 PM   55 left
24 Sep 9.30 PM   55 left

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Group 6+
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75 mins

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Drop Dead Gorgeous - A Drag Murder Miss-tery

Presented By Les Femmes

The Les Femmes queens are back and this time they are serving high drama in this dragged out murder mystery romp. Each night the queens will be joined by a special guest detective tasked with helping the audience solve a murder most foul.

Expect ridiculous characters, hilarious twists and outrageous drama as you work out who really already done had herses!

every aspect of Drop Dead Gorgeous sparkles: the set, the costumes, and the charisma of Les Femmes all scream FABULOUS
Jordan Jones, Backstage Christchurch
Les Femmes are a class act.
Erin Harrington, Flat City Field Notes
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