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17 - 20 August



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17 Aug 9.30 PM   2 left
18 Aug 9.30 PM   5 left
19 Aug 9.30 PM   13 left
20 Aug 9.30 PM

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Group 6+
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You may have noticed our new ticket type 'The Difference'!

‘The Difference’ ticket type is for those who CAN afford more and WANT more money to go directly to our artists. At $40 per ticket ‘The Difference’ ticket does what it says it does - makes a bloody big difference to the sustainability of our artists careers.

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60 mins

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Presented by Dusty Productions

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning, seven flatmates are cozied up on the couch, all recovering from a legendary Tuesday night. Birds are chirping, sunlight filters through the window, the wafting scent of freshly baked savouries. A ringing phone… an angry landlord?

Watch the tale unfold as a flat of young dusty men are pitted against their own worst nightmare; the consequences of their actions. With the threat of eviction looming over them, our heroes will face all manner of obstacles. Demons, beasts, drugs, freshers, divorce? More drugs, absinthe, and worst of all: landlords. It’s a race against the clock and we can’t read analogue…

What a masterpiece
Ethan's flatmate, while watching Hamilton.

Expect crass, charming, concerning, relatable, funny jokes and that : )

Andre Moffat - Andre/The Beast

Ben Espiner - Ben

Clarke Telfer - Clarke

Ethan Hahunga - Ethan

Jimmy Williamson - Jimmy

Tom Smith - Tom

Zac Hobbis - Zac