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8 - 10 September



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8 Sep 6 PM   37 left
9 Sep 6 PM   44 left
10 Sep 6 PM   42 left

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Group 6+
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50 mins

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Presented by Birdlife Productions

Using the enduring delights of Mask and Puppetry, Effy is a poignant, nonverbal work in development that portrays the human condition with its many imperfections and the yearning to belong.

Whilst quietly carrying out her job in the park, surrounded by bustling commuters, mums with prams, joggers and intimidating waterfowl, Effy secretly believes Maria from the Sound of Music is her guiding light, and she can’t help wondering; My heart should be wildly rejoicing. Oh, what's the matter with me?

It is common in our society to feel alienated, separate and disconnected from others, and even more common to believe we are the only one who feels this way. Effy bravely unpacks her own sense of alienation, taking it to absurd levels, as discomfort spills over into playfulness, terror into ecstasy, grief into joy.

As always, we are not disappointed with Birdlife Productions – just left wanting more, please!!
The Boy With Wings, Nelson Fringe Festival, Nikkie Karki, Theatreview, 2020

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Creative Team/Company info

Image Credit: Roc+ Photography

Performer & Mask Maker: Bridget Sanders

Mask Director & Mentor: Beth Twentyman

Creative Director: Roger Sanders