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5 - 6 March

Everyone's Got An Errol


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60 mins

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Everyone's Got An Errol


What is an Errol? He’s that mate with no ambitions, no opinions, no skills. Like an appendix. No one needs one but everyone’s got one (unless it's been removed). So what happens when three Errol’s are left alone in a room? They may be useless apart, but together…. they’re slightly less useless.

What happens when Errol is told that he should stand up for himself? How far and how literally will Errol take that one statement, what is standing up for yourself and what trouble will it get him and his friends Carter and Duane into?

DAMBATS Creative Team

Sophie Badrick: Director/Producer/Writer
Brandon Entwistle: Producer/Writer/Actor (Errol & Peter)
Brock Oliver: Producer/Writer/Actor (Carter/David)
Ryan Holtham: Actor (Richard & Duane)