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20 - 24 September

Fala Muncher


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20 Sep 7 PM   10 left
21 Sep 7 PM   40 left
22 Sep 7 PM   40 left
23 Sep 7 PM   40 left
24 Sep 7 PM   40 left

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Group 6+
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60 mins

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Created & Directed by Lyncia Muller

Oh no not another coming out story!
Making its debut at BATS Theatre in Pōneke, the girlies of the critically-acclaimed show FALA MUCHER are back with more juicy gossip that will have your tongue in a twist and your panties soaking WET! Bitch it’s the naughty ‘L Word’ meets ‘Orange is the new black’ with a splash of Lime and coconut juice IKDR.

Cum see what Lyncia Muller (Director), Jaycee Tanuvasa and Disciple Pati get up to as they deliver a series of short, sharp monologues that continue to interrogate the intersection of Pasifika and Queer identities in a poignant, hilarious and heart-felt way.

Fala Muncher: A derogatory term, which refers to the act of a female of Pacific descent partaking in the licking and eating of another woman’s Fala.


Lyncia Muller - Creator, Director and Performer

Jaycee Tanuvasa - Performer

Sapati Apa - Performer

Amanda Wilson - Producer

Jermaine Dean - Lighting and Photographer