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28 May - 1 June

Femme Natale - The Queen Years


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60 mins

Femme Natale - The Queen Years

Directed by Fingal Pollock

The Femme Natale comedy troupe are back and it’s beautiful.

‘The Queen Years’ is a brand-new Femme Natale show with brand new sketches. This time, it’s about those extraordinary years in a parent’s life when we must re-emerge from the baby hole and find ourselves again as individuals.

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The oxytocin is gone and yet we have changed… there are a million balls to keep in the air and none of them are for us. Despite the famous final line of every single fairy tale… what does happen after, ‘Happily Ever After’?

Now, fresh from 5-star rave reviews at the Edinburgh festival, Femme Natale has re-grouped to bring these brand-new sketches to life. Sketches that cover everything from sex drives, to Karens, to internet dating to lice and everything in between… all the while making it cathartically funny to watch!

Once again come along to BATS this autumn to celebrate and commiserate that you are surviving and thriving in the never-ending story of ‘Happily Ever After’.

Audio described/ Captioned Performances

Wednesday 29th May - Audio Described (Touch Tour 7.15pm)

Thursday 30th May - Live Streamed/ Captioned Performance

Observationally sharp, utterly bonkers. Archly comic parenting catharsis.
The QR UK - Edinburgh Fringe
Content warning

R18 - This is an Adults Only Sketch Comedy show. It contains references to sex, divorce, mid-life crises and lice.

Creative team

Director: Fingal Pollock

Writers and Performers: Fingal Pollock, Tracey Savage, April Phillips, Jeremy Nelson, Piers Gilbertson

Image Credit: Fingal Pollock (image taken by Jeremy Nelson)