19 July

The Ferris Wheel


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60 mins

The Ferris Wheel

Show format created by Wade Jackson, performed by WIT (Wellington Improv Troupe)

Set on the classic fairground ride this unique show will star a rotating (ha!) cast , weaving stories from the lives of the characters spun more tightly than spun sugar.

Delightful energy, alertness and vulnerability..... fresh and invigorating.
Theatreview NZ

WIT (Wellington Improv Troupe) is Wellington's not-for-profit, community- based improv group and we have been playing together for 20 years.

WIT teaches "theatre without a script" to anyone who wants to learn, and builds practical skills in teamwork and performance useful far beyond the stage. In cheerful collaboration with the Wellington Community Education Centre, WIT runs adult beginner classes and improv for the stage course, as well as weekly training sessions in the CBD, where all are welcome.

WIT has performed many shows in different venues, which include playful game-based shortform formats (Micetro, Gorilla and Battle of WITs) and narrative formats (Attack of the Killer B-Movie, Ferris Wheel, Late Night puppets, Directors's Cut to name a few.)