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16 - 17 September

First Buzzard at the Body


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16 Sep 6.30 PM   45 left
17 Sep 6.30 PM   55 left

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Group 6+
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50 mins

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First Buzzard at the Body

by Elliot Vaughan

Circle in for an experimental evening of music and poetry about death, capitalism and ornithology.

A setlist of poetic texts are subjected to transformative compositional processes, gutting them of meaning or stumbling through the banal into the sublime. The raw material of the poems is musicalised through cassette loops and digital looper, song, screen, cunning use of microphones, and Elliot Vaughan’s dynamic, embodied delivery.

Stylistically, the show draws on 70’s sound poetry like Canada’s Four Horsemen, 60’s minimalist composition such as Steve Reich’s phase pieces, the immediacy of punk and stand-up comedy, and the sprawling romance of the natural soundscape.

Things morph, amplify, distort in delightfully unexpected ways… in a chain reaction of events meticulously mapped out like a more virtuosic Water Walk by John Cage or [...] a Rube Goldberg contraption the ingenuity is hilarious.
Kosta Bogoievski, Theatreview, 2021

Creative Team

Composer & Performer: Elliot Vaughan

Dramaturgy: Antonia Barnett-McIntosh (compositional & conceptual), Eleanor Bishop (directorial), Sacha Copland (physical), and Nick Zwart (design).

The Stage is wheelchair accessible. For full details about accessibility at BATS, Click here.

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