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6 October

Five Hundred Shows Later


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60 mins

Five Hundred Shows Later

Presented by WIT

A community full of classic improv characters come together for an epic celebration show. What could possibly go wrong?

WIT, more formally The Wellington Improvisation Troupe, emerged from the primordial improv swamps of 2003, and its little flame of improv has flickered now for twenty years. What happened to all those handcrafted characters after the lights went down? Out there, way out there, there are fisherpeople on rolling decks, miners on quests, country police officers, pantomime cows, space explorers, confused hotel owners and so many more, all hoping for another turn in a spotlight.

This festival blows me away with its skill and generosity... In short it is a breath-taking, giddying display of mastery.
Content Warning

As this show is improvised, we cannot guarantee the presence or absence of specific content or themes beyond what is in the description above. The show may contain mature themes and language, but not gratuitously. The show may contain voluntary audience interaction, such as giving a suggestion for a scene.

Creative Team

Presented by WIT

The Wellington Improvisation Troupe, aka WIT, is a member-based community group established in 2003 to bring improv and happiness to Wellington.

WIT teaches performs and teaches the skills of improvisational theatre at venues around the Wellington region, with occasional forays further afield.

Their theatre is made up on the spot, usually based on suggestions from the audience. WIT players share a love of storytelling and work together as a team to inspire the audience, we’re sometimes serious, often hilarious and always totally unpredictable.

NZIF is back for 2023, with a week-long celebration of all things spontaneous, featuring shows, workshops and events all hosted right here at BATS. Come and be part of the magic!

6–14 October 2023