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Flames HERO
14 - 18 December



Event duration icon Duration

60 mins

Private Detectives Morgan Reid and Ian Sheff are two of the best detectives in Wellington. Morgan is the long standing top agent in the country. By-the-book, sophisticated and with a ghostlike ability to escape.

Ian is the young, prodigal son of the agency. He is a sore loser and a rebel with an unorthodox ability to get the job done. After both being forced into a simple arson case due to reckless behaviour, they must move past their differences and work together to overcome the odds and uncover a much larger conspiracy that reaches internationally.

Creative Team
Roy Iro: Producer, Writer, Creative Director and Performer.
Reon Bell: Writer, Creative Director, Music Producer and Performer
Harrison Keefe: Director
Amanda Joe: Production Manager
Sean Milward: Co-Writer, Dramaturg and Performer
Mia Bentley: Set Designer