Dancer, Seth Ward, wearing white pants lies back as if floating on a white background.
25 - 28 May

For By Four

For by Four

Presented by New Zealand School of Dance

Four mould breaking New Zealand choreographers, four innovative solos, four current contemporary dance students.

For by Four offers a unique glimpse at how New Zealand's contemporary dance future is evolving. Four choreographers have been paired up with four graduating contemporary dance students to create new works.

Forging new paths, 'For By Four' promises flawless artistry and original material in four solos, from independent thinking dancers and dance makers.
Paula Steeds-Huston, Head of Contemporary Dance, New Zealand School of Dance

This year marks 55 years since the New Zealand School of Dance was founded. The anniversary provides the perfect backdrop against which to showcase both the present and the future of the School's creative talent. Innovation remains the lifeblood of the School.

NZSD graduates, Toa Paranihi, Olivia McGregor, Kit Reilly and Brydie Colquhoun each provide a springboard from which current third year contemporary dance students can take flight.

New Zealand School of Dance

The New Zealand School of Dance (NZSD) in Wellington is one of the Southern Hemisphere's leading dance training institutes, preparing students for careers in professional dance performance. Students study full-time, majoring in contemporary dance or classical ballet. The day-to-day reality of being a dance student is one of an incredible amount of determination and passion. This solo season in a unique opportunity for contemporary dance students to experience the process of collaborating and performing with Industry artists and to explore the skills essential for the dance profession.

Image by Stephen A'Court featuring dancer, Seth Ward.