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11 - 15 June

FWB: Friends With Boundaries


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60 mins

FWB: Friends With Boundaries

Created by Leona Revell, Regan Taylor and Lizzie Tollemache

Follow two newly single forty-somethings as they navigate the world of dating apps, with their gory, and glory stories.

Join Regan Taylor (The Māori Sidesteps, Mahana, Pop Up Globe) and Leona Revell (improv legend, Princess of Palmerston North and former Christian music starlet) as they report live from the trenches of modern love, for elder millennials and Gen Xers everywhere.

Directed by Lizzie Tollemache (Mr and Mrs Alexander, Seven Deadly Stunts, approximately one million cabarets) this show is hilarious, brutally honest and knicker wettingly filthy.

Our intrepid explorers face fakery, fetishes and fleshlights; but will they find love for themselves?

The unceasing humour is managed with the skill of a flight controller at a major international airport... Yes, I’ve laughed my ass off, but I’m left with much more than that; I come away feeling so joyful and full-hearted.
Naomi van den Broek, Flat City Field Notes: Arts and culture in Ōtautahi Christchurch
So funny and beautiful that I leaked from both ends.
Lizzie Tollemache, Director
Content warning

The show includes detailed stories of (funny) sexual exploits. These are consensual but do include a spectrum of good, bad and gross sex.

There are references to addiction and past abuse. These references are fleeting, and not the main focus of the show.

It's also, at times, very f**king sweary.

Creative team

Written and performed by Leona Revell and Regan Taylor

Director / dramaturg - Lizzie Tollemache

Produced by Rollicking Entertainment Ltd

Special thanks to Centrepoint Theatre for supporting the initial development of this touring show.