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16 - 17 September

Gag Reflex: A Scandalous Solo Show


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55 mins


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Gag Reflex: A Scandalous Solo Show

Presented by Hugo Grrrl

Rachel Atlas has a complicated relationship with danger. From teenage stripper to sword swallower, from accidental dominatrix to knife-thrower’s assistant, she’s never been able to resist living on the edge. In this riotous tell-all debut solo show, expect to be thrilled by world-class stunts, raw humour and the heart-warming journey of a dangerous woman finally finding safety.

Rachel Atlas is an internationally renowned circus performer and a veteran of the vaudeville and Fringe Festival circuits the world over. Gag Reflex will be her first autobiographical work: lifting the curtain on her fascinating life of salacious sexual exploits, bad trips, worse men, and, of course, death-defying misadventures.

A thrilling, titillating, tear-jerking theatre full of world-class stunts and winner of the 2022 NZ Fringe Festival Best in Fringe Award, Gag Reflex is a heart-warming feminist story not to be missed!

Atlas is a natural on stage and threw herself wholeheartedly into each scene.
Lilli Margaret, Art Murmurs, 2022

Creative Team

Creator & Performer: Rachel Atlas

Producer: George Fowler/Hugo Grrrl

Director: Sabrina Martin

Director Mentor: Sameena Zehra

Assistant Producer: Petra Shotwell

Lighting & Projection Designer: Bekky Boyce

Sound Designer: Maxwell Apse

Stage Manager: James Kiesel

Set Designer / Assistant Stage Manager: Erika Takahashi

Costume Design: Go Go Amy

The Stage is wheelchair accessible. For full details about accessibility at BATS, Click here.

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Content Warnings

  • Adult sexual references
  • Mentions of assault and rape
  • Deaf-defying circus acts that may not suit people of a nervous disposition
  • Smoke that may not suit people with asthma
  • R16+