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28 November - 2 December



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60 mins


PRESENTED BY Inconceivable Productions

“It is common knowledge among the ton that those invited to summer at the country estate of Hausdown will encounter a season of honeyed hospitality, diverting company, and queer delights. Siblings and hosts, Lord Edwin Hausdown and Lady Louisa Hausdown, have this year invited several of their most beloved, amusing, (and eligible) companions to take the COUNTRY AIR! On the guestlist are their cousins, Lord Edward Lapthorn and Captain August Lapthorn, the Duke and Dukess of Cuntcliffe; Louisa’s childhood friend Lady Beatrice Swoonsworth, Baroness of Delusiomont, whose many engagements usually keep her from attending; and finally the untitled, but nonetheless well-connected, Harriet and Susan Girthshire. This party finds itself in a comedy of bemuddled hearts. Will the country air be enough to untangle these lovelorn gentlefolk?”

Inconceivable Productions presents a brand-new farcical regency comedy by emerging theatre-makers Katie Hill and Ruby Carter. Regality, romance, and rambunctiousness await audiences in the opulent world of HAUSDOWN, where love blooms, tensions rise, and everybody departs coupled up—mostly! Titled HAUSDOWN in reference to the queer cultural adage, the show is a hysterical 60-minute romp, packed with gut-busting physical clowning by well-known Wellington choreographer, Daniel Nodder and multiple glee-inducing queer romance stories to fill the hearts of LGBTQ+ regency fanatics—intimacy directed by the wonderful Angela Pelham. For Hill and Carter, the show serves as a comedic reclamation of beloved regency stories aiming to bring representation and entertainment for the emerging queer generation—a motivation close to their hearts.

Inconceivable Productions fills me with delight. I love their innate silliness, playfulness and whimsy and I am looking forward to another of their unique and delightful productions.
Dr. Kerryn Palmer
Content Warning

Moderate coarse language and mild sexual innuendo. Recommended to audiences aged 13 and above. Haze and flashing lights.

Creative Team

Inconceivable Productions describes itself as a theatre company with a core focus on queer joy—making fantastical, whimsical theatre to share this joy with their community and beyond. Co-founded by Brie Keatley and Katie Hill in 2021, the company has staged two successful seasons of their debut show, a play for children entitled The Princess & The Knight. Keatley and Hill are thrilled to move in a different, more adult-friendly direction with their second show under Inconceivable as producer and director respectively of HAUSDOWN.

Written by: Ruby Carter and Katie Hill

Directed by: Katie Hill (she/her)

Producer: Brie Keatley (she/they)

Choreographer & Clowning: Daniel Nodder (he/they)

Stage Manager & Intimacy Director: Angela Pelham (she/her)

Show Designer & Photography: Scott Maxim (he/they)

Marketing Designer & Publicist: India Worsnop (she/her)

Lighting Designer: Teddy O’Neill (he/it/ia)

Sound Designer: Joshua Lees (he/him)

Production Assistant: Georgia Goodsell (she/her)

Costume Design: Ruby Carter (she/her)

Costume Assistant: Sam Hearps (she/her)

Lord Edward Lapthorn played by Lincoln Swinerd (he/him)

Lord Edwin Hausdown played by Zachary Klein (he/him)

Lady Louisa Hausdown played by Anna Secker (she/her)

Lady Beatrice Swoonsworth played by Ruby Carter (she/her)

Harriet Girthshire played by Peggie Barnes (she/her)

Susan Girthshire played by Jules McDonald (she/her)

Captain August Lapthorn played by Rachel McLean (she/they)