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13 - 15 October

High Rise


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13 Oct 8 PM   23 left
14 Oct 8 PM   41 left
15 Oct 8 PM   41 left

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Group 6+
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‘The Difference’ ticket type is for those who CAN afford more and WANT more money to go directly to our artists. At $40 per ticket ‘The Difference’ ticket does what it says it does - makes a bloody big difference to the sustainability of our artists careers.

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60 mins

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Written, perfromed, created by Cameron Jones

The year is 1986. Auckland. New Zealand. Muldoon is out. Rogernomics is in. There is one word to describe this decade: EXCESS...

Deregulation has created the now famous word ‘yuppie’, and kiwis are enjoying this era of wealth and high disposable incomes as a result of financial markets flourishing. 

Greed is good. It is time to be a ‘somebody’. 

Critically acclaimed, winning awards at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, sold out shows and standing ovations at the Hawkes Bay Arts Festival, and Christchurch, High Rise follows the journey of one man's ambition to make a name for himself. Henry Lewis finds property is his way to the top and quickly becomes immersed in a game in which house always wins. After becoming the number one real estate agent in Auckland, Henry develops NZ’s first residential High Rise, Shangri La, cementing his legacy, and his status of a ‘somebody’. 

But October 1987 would reduce kings and kingdoms to rubble, as the world watches the worst financial crash since the Great Depression. 

What’s left when what we value, no longer holds value?...

We all have a dream. But what will we do in order to get there? And once we get there, where do we go?

This is a story of ambition, greed, legacy, capitalism, the snowball effects of success, and of flying too close to the sun.

Incorporating physical theatre and an amazing story, HIGH RISE will stay with you long after you've left the theatre
Rhys Darby - Flight Of The Conchords, Yes Man, Jumanji
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