Figure stands in the darnknessfacing 3 round lights to their right H.Y.P.E VOL 2.jpeg
18 - 21 May

H.Y.P.E VOL. 2


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50 mins

H.Y.P.E VOL. 2


A reimagined contemporary work of extreme physicality and subtlety.

H.Y.P.E Vol. 2 is a reimagined work of H.Y.P.E (How You Perceive Energy) from UKU’s debut season at the NZ Fringe Festival. The work follows the individuals on a journey through extreme physicality and subtlety whilst exploring their authentic energies that they carry in their own vessels. 

People. Disconnected people. Disconnection. 

Complicated layers of an organism merging into one. The most inner raw self softly colliding with our physical being that is presented in existence. The energies that brew deep within and create our being that cannot be seen by the naked eye, are the closest to our most raw and vulnerable energy that we hold within our beautiful vessel for life. 

The connection between disconnected people. 

a crisp offering that spills out with the joy of pure movement.
Lyne Pringle, Theatreview

Can you see the energy created by the strength and vitality sustained through physical movement? In this world, we are pursuing an emotive journey through energies created by music and physical movement. Can you see it radiating?


UKU is a project based dance company, directed by New Zealand-born Japanese artist, Airu Matsuda 憧祈 松田.