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31 May - 3 June



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31 May 6.30 PM   1 left
1 Jun 6.30 PM   14 left
2 Jun 6.30 PM
3 Jun 6.30 PM

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You may have noticed our new ticket type 'The Difference'!

‘The Difference’ ticket type is for those who CAN afford more and WANT more money to go directly to our artists. At $40 per ticket ‘The Difference’ ticket does what it says it does - makes a bloody big difference to the sustainability of our artists careers.

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Group 6+
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Concession tickets are for Gold Card Members, Unwaged people and students ( Tertiary and High School ).

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80 mins

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Presented by Carrie Rudzinski and Olivia Hall

Women are frequently told they are too emotional - too hysterical - to be taken seriously, to be leaders of countries and companies, to be believed when pointing to their own hurt. Hysterical challenges these myths with poetry that confronts body politics, systemic sexism, and weeping uncontrollably in the supermarket.

Successfully falling short of perfection, Hall and Rudzinski have created a near-masterpiece of imperfection.
Theatre Scenes

Witness Hysterical on its nation-wide tour, featuring internationally acclaimed poets Carrie Rudzinski and Olivia Hall as they reunite after the success of their previous show How We Survive. Rudzinski is an award-winning poet, published author, and teaching artist and Hall is a celebrated poet and performer with a Masters in Gender Studies.

A window into the specific worlds of two women, raw flaws on show, unabashed and rightfully unapologetic.
Theatre Scenes

Hysterical intertwines social issues and personal stories to create a performance that is both confronting and accessible, powerful and needed. By weaving their voices together in duet, Rudzinski and Hall deliver a powerhouse performance encouraging the audience to laugh, cry, and experience emotion together.

Written and Performed by Carrie Rudzinski and Olivia Hall

Image by Andi Crown