Illegally Blind HERO
7 - 11 December

Illegally Blind


Event duration icon Duration

60 mins


Emma Maguire
Sound Design

Written and performed by Susan Williams

Tw: Ableism, fatphobia, queerphobia




This. Is. NOT. That. Show.

Susan is a perfectly normal queer, fat, functionally blind, Autistic, chronically and mentally ill, nonbinary person, who just happens to be collecting diagnoses faster than they collect eel facts.

In this not-so-solo solo show, Susan just wants to get stuff  done. Instead, they end up on an epic quest, battling sock-puppets, ableist audio-describers, a pile of laundry, and people who don’t provide digital copies of important documents.

Drawing on twenty years of theatre and performance skills, Susan brings their real-life experiences to the stage. The result is a whimsical romp through the world of identity and shattered expectations, mixing traditional theatre with stand up comedy, poetry, improvisation, and more silly voices than you can shake an eel at.

Illegally Blind is very accessible to disabled people, including:

  •  Inbuilt audio description and captions
  •  Relaxed performances
  •  Informal seating with beanbags, blankets, armless chairs and wheelchair space
  •  Comforting and stimmy snacks, tea and (Covid permitting) stim toys

A token effort has been made to include the abled as well.

Audiences are advised the show contains the following potentially triggering content: ableism, fatphobia and queerphobia.

The audience are welcome to move around, and come and go as needed. If you would like an aisle seat for this, or any other reason, please email [email protected] or inform an usher prior to doors opening for the show.

Relaxed performances will be on at 6:30pm Wednesday 8 th December and 1pm Saturday 11th December.

Please email [email protected] or ring or text 0221655497 for any access inquiries.