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18 July

Instant Theatre


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60 mins

Instant Theatre

Presented by Improv Connection

Improv Connection's Masters program uses a grounded, emotional approach to create a play on the spot. Their work examines who we really are – as people, and a culture.

This time, our cast helps two characters struggling to overcome their flaws, to win everything they desire. Will they?

After a 20 minute show featuring our Foundation's course players having just learned this same style, stick around to see the Masters program create a world where people actually get what they want – if they can get out of their own way.

You'll walk out having laughed, maybe cried... and with plenty to talk about with your friends afterward!

This style, like, hits you in the gut... it's funny and touching as well, because it's relatable, really...
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Improv Connection is unscripted theatre training and performance school, established 5 years ago, dedicated to a grounded emotional style that leads to relatable comedy and drama.


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Content warning

As improvised themes are discovered spontaneously, any theme may be discovered on the spot. Audience members are welcome to leave and come back at their own discretion.