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Jez ans Jace Hero
31 March - 2 April

Jez and Jace


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60 mins

Jez & Jace

Improvised by Ginge & Minge

Toxic masculinity has never looked this hot.

Bring your Speights and your mates for this blimmin' banger of a show. Jez & Jace will take you on a journey through the highs and lows of a white bogan’s life in this improvised comedy/drama. What happens when you really put your bros before your hoes? #nohomo

Jez & Jace first debuted as BROsplained in July 2021, competing in Late Night Knife Fight and became an instant audience favourite. They then headlined for Late Night Knife Fight in September with a 30 minute performance. This iteration of Jez & Jace is fresh, flirty and dirty, and just as hard hitting as before.

Ginge & Minge shed light on the realities of being queer in regional Aotearoa and suggest that homophobia is still harming and shaming youth back into the closet.

I saw them perform the show as headliners in Late Night Knife Fight in September and their performance was hilarious, touching, and brilliant character improvisation.
Jennifer O'Sullivan

Jez & Jace features performances from Megan Connolly (Friends Without Benefits, Captain Caketin Sketch Comedy and 5G Horse) and Nina Hogg (When Booty Calls, Cupid’s Guide to Modern Romance, Playshop and Poprox). Directed by Austin Harrison (Playshop, Magnus Steele and Don't Wake Me Up).