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1 - 5 February

Listen to This: Live Podcasts


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You can watch/listen to these live podcasts right here on this page from the comfort of your home - or wherever you may be.

If you do decide to watch online please purchase a stream ticket which starts at as little as $5 to go towards the artists involved.

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Listen to This: Live Podcasts

Premiering at the Six Degrees Festival, Listen to This features six different podcasts over six different nights podcasting LIVE in front of an audience! Each podcast will perform for ONE NIGHT ONLY. At a year in the making, the podcast extravaganza will be the first of its kind in Wellington and not to be missed! Who knows what could happen?

Feb 1 - Showy Ovaries With Penny Ashton and Special Guest Sameena Zehra

Feb 2 - Are We Friends Yet? Live Show

Feb 3 - Dexperience: The Live Podcast 2000

Feb 4 - It Takes Two Live Show

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See any three shows for $45, what a score!

Producer - Dennis Eir Lim

Production Assistant - James Heath

Tech Assistant - Logan Delaney

Musicians - Brittany Meiklejohn & Lachlan Oosterman

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Feb 1 - Showy Ovaries

With Penny Ashton and Special Guest Sameena Zehra

In her first ever live episode of Showy Ovaries, Penny Ashton (Promise and Promiscuity, Austen Found) is excited to be interviewing the hilarious Sameena Zehra (Aresbiscuits, Tea with Ter*o*ists) all about her menopausal magical mystery tour live on stage at BATS Theatre.

From Sameena's home country of India, to her time in the UK and settling in NZ, she has always created art which is a goulash of storytelling and political commentary, peppered with absurdity, dark humour and personal content. Join the live audience as these two irreverent women of a certain age dissect bits, bobs and everything in between.

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2 Feb - Are We Friends Yet? Live Show

With Abby Lyons and Amy McClean

Join Amy and Abby LIVE at BATS Theatre for a live recording of “Are We Friends Yet?” as they uncover how to build a friendship - they could really use all the help they can get!

Will this be a beautiful moment in their friendship?

Or will cracks start to form in their foundation?

Or will you find a new group of friends?

Come along to find out!

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3 Feb - Dexperience: The Live Podcast 2000

With Dennis Lim, Harri Hashim, Logan Delaney and Oliver Knott

Back from their debut sold-in live Fringe show, Dexperience are back with Dexperience: The Live Podcast 2000! Join Oliver, Logan and Dennis as they break down the second movie in the Pokémon franchise, Pokémon: The Movie 2000!

"The chemistry and interplay between these friends is incredible and makes you feel at home / a part of the group." - Krillgor, Apple Podcast Reviews, Canada

Give the movie a watch and come join us as we riff about Team Rocket's many heel turns, over-analyse Slowking's ability to speak and talk about media from a simpler time!

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Feb 4 - It Takes Two Live Show

With Lisa Doyle & Nik Raines

A Bug's Life vs Galaxy Quest - It Takes Two is a podcast where Lisa Doyle and Nik Raines compare two movies with the same plot or premise.

This live episode focuses on Galaxy Quest (1999) and A Bug’s Life (1998) - two movies about groups of performers who are mistaken as warriors by a naive fan who then enlists their help to save his people.