5 - 12 March

Maximum Benefit


Event duration icon Duration

60 mins


Max Porozny
Ben Jardine

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Maximum Benefit

Performed by Max Porozny and Ben Jardine

What happens when you get two best friends together and have them perform a comedy show that’s all made up entirely on-the-spot? Loveable characters? Fun and unique stories? Quick and witty shenanigans? All of the above, it turns out.

Maximum Benefit is a two-person improv comedy show featuring two best pals Max Porozny and Ben Jardine. The duo are back for Fringe 2022 and ready to take audiences on a completely improvised comedy journey through the interweaving lives of made-up characters and stories. From an audience suggestion, Max and Ben spin a unique tale that features fresh characters, plots, stakes, hahas, awws, and more!

A supremely entertaining show that I’d happily watch again and again.
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Everything Max and Ben do is made up on-the-spot. Nothing is planned or written beforehand, so every show is completely different and is never to be seen again. The joy of improv means that audiences discover these characters and plots in real time with Max and Ben, and the audience and how they react have as much influence in the show as the performers themselves.

Expect sixty minutes of laughs, goofs, and heartfelt moments—all made up in real-time!

Performers: Max Porozny and Ben Jardine
Operator: Liz Butler