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11 April



Event duration icon Duration

60 mins


Presented by Wellington Improvisation Troupe

Beloved improv elimination competition Micetro is back for another bite of the cheese.  The magnificent Lorraine was once crowned the Greatest WIT in Wellington.  This time . . . well, there will be challengers.

A crew of eager improvisers will again battle head to head using wit, spur-of-the-moment storytelling and risking everything for an the love of the audience. There’ll be songs!  Drama!  Pathos, bathos probably a bit of logos!  A mix of seasoned improvisers and adorable newcomers and everyone in between will play their hearts out to decide who gets eliminated and who survives to be crowned ‘Micetro’.

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Creative team

Keith Johnstone invented the format, licensed by Theatresports and performed by WIT members.

The Wellington Improvisation Troupe, aka WIT, is a member-based community group established in 2003 (official certificate of incorporation!) to bring improv and happiness to Wellington.

WIT teaches performs and teaches the skills of improvisational theatre at venues around the Wellington region, with occasional forays further afield. Our theatre is made up on the spot, usually based on suggestions from the audience.

WIT players share a love of storytelling and work together as a team to inspire the audience, we’re sometimes serious, often hilarious and always totally unpredictable.

Content warning

Audience participation is very much wanted, encouraged and we want your boos, your awwws and your laughter and all your reactions. Help us to find the best improvisor of the whole pack of keen wannabees.