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23 - 27 August

Midnight Confessions


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60 mins

Midnight Confessions

Presented By Heartbreaker Productions

Sssssshhh we’ve got a secret!!! The boys won’t be listening and our parents are in bed, so the real talk can begin. Friends, get your parents to call ours because we’re having a SLEEPOVER!

The makers of Conversations with the Ghost in my Bedroom (NZ Fringe Festival, 2021) and performers of Susan Glaspell’s Trifles (Six Degrees Festival, 2022) are bringing their pillows to BATS for their debut stand-alone show, Midnight Confessions.

Inspired by Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information, Midnight Confessions is an experimental anthology piece exploring powerful friendships and the love, loss, joy and vulnerability that follow. These snippets of life are an ode to childhood.

Heartbreaker Productions consists of Abby Lyons, Alia Marshall, Anna Barker, and Mia Oudes - four female creators bringing their own stories to a stage where stories are normally told for them. Each creator writes, directs, produces and performs in this collaborative process.

It is still rare in entertainment media to see the rituals of girlhood treated as worthy of in-depth exploration rather than trivial, and the Heartbreaker team are well-placed to treat the quintessential experience of the childhood sleepover with nuance and empathy.
Cassandra Tse, Red Scare Theatre Company

SOOOO…. Get your jammies on, grab your pillows and come share all the goss <3 See you at ours this August!

This show is entirely written, directed, produced, performed, designed, operated and marketed by female identifying.

Written, Performed and Directed by: Mia Oudes, Anna Barker, Abby Lyons, Alia Marshall

Marketing and Publicity: Ashton Marla

Stage Management: Kate Hudspith-Gooch

Stage Design: Rebekah De Roo