3 - 6 April

Milly Monka's MILK Factory


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60 mins

Milly Monka's MILK Factory

Presented by Ruff as Gutz

Clutch your golden ticket tight as you enter Milly Monka’s Milk Factory, a place where imagination flows as freely as the milk itself. Four "lucky" children have been selected for a private tour, but what they find inside might be more than their lactose intolerances can handle.

Armed with water balloons, it’s your job as the audience to lead our unsuspecting heroes through the Milk Factory. We can't change anything unless somebody throws a balloon at us and then something MUST change. Get it? Good. Bet Roald Dahl didn’t see this one coming, huh?

After the smash hit MILKOWEEN in October 2023, the infamous MILK saga is back at BATS for its fifth round of silly, soggy improv. That's right, we’ve done this show five times now. The MILK saga debuted at The Gryphon in 2021 NZ Fringe as “a high-energy fringe highlight” - Arthur Hawkes, Theatreview. In the wake of its sell-out first season, the team brought it back in 2022 TWICE (that’s right) with the award-nominated MILK OF THE GODS in 2022’s NZ Fringe and with A MILKMAS CAROL in December. We’re stoked to be celebrating 35 Years of BATS Theatre with the kind of show that probably feeds the stereotype.

“Milky, mercurial madness at its silliest, soggiest, and most delightful.”
Madelaine Empson, Regional News

Audience Care

With all the throwing of water balloons, MILK can be a very stimulating environment. We’re here to take care of each other, so audience members are free to step out of the theatre at any point for a breather.


Sean Burnett Dugdale-Martin

Dylan Hutton

Mia Oudes

Zoë Christall

Anne Larcom

Jacob Banks

Timothy Fraser

and Tyler Clarke