22 - 26 March

Miss Brontë

Miss Brontë

Written and performed by Mel Dodge and Directed by Lyndee-Jane Rutherford

Charlotte Brontë has a secret.

In fact secrets seem to run in the family…

Inspired by the letters and novels of Charlotte Brontë, Miss Brontë tells a story of ambition, forbidden love and the bond of family.

How could an unmarried woman living in a secluded parsonage, with only her sisters for company, write one of the world's greatest love stories? She had tasted love and her secrets echo in the pages of Jane Eyre.

Perceptive, intelligent, fiery, romantic, poignant and packed into a potent 75 minutes…triumphant, tragic and riddled with moral dilemma.

Since touring Australia, funded by Regional Arts Victoria, this new development season of Miss Brontë is re-energised on a smaller scale for touring Aotearoa.

Mel Dodge brings the literary world of the Brontë family to life with a riveting performance. It transports us back to a time when words were written in pen, on paper; when one could crave a response to a letter that might be weeks or months in the coming; and you sensed, perhaps felt, the value of words. Superb.
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