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9 - 13 May

(CANCELLED) Not Where I Thought I'd Be

(CANCELLED) Donna Brookbanks - Not Where I Thought I'd Be

Proudly presented by Notorious*

Ever wake up thinking, ‘wait, how did I get here?’

Not in a ‘had too much to drink last night’ way…but, also that?

Well, this is the show for you, and your impending doom-er pals. 

Donna’s been weaving her stories to make a brilliant, comedy-quilted-tapestry, where you get to snuggle in and laugh your woolly socks off.

She’s been on TV, performed all-over, and everywhere - she is the real deal. A masterful comic and a wonderful person (yuck emoji).

Donna will have you laughing all the way to your next existential crisis.

You obviously have good taste. Check out the full line up in the 2023 NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo from 5 – 28 May