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25 - 29 January

Paper Jam


Event duration icon Duration

60 mins


Belinda Campbell
Rebekah de Roo
Set Design
Projection Design
Anna Barker

Sal is stuck in a rut. A boring cycle of get up, go to work, go home, go to sleep. Up, work, home, sleep. Upworkhomesleepupworkhomesleep. Her job is an endless sea of pointless data entry and double handling. Every day the same. Every day adulting. Every. Day. D U L L.

Until her thought-to-be-long-gone childhood friend, Biscuit, shows up out of the blue. They’re a trouble maker. A fun maker. They're unpredictable, wild and... Imaginary. Is this really happening? Has Sal finally had too many cups of coffee? Why have they come back now? Jamming together animation, immersive scenography, physical theatre and music, this play-filled adventure merges fantasy with reality in a wacky exploration of imaginary friends.

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Led by VUW Te Herenga Waka MFA postgrad students Anna Barker, Belinda Campbell and Rebekah de Roo, Paper Jam puts accessibility at the forefront with NZSL interpretation, integrated audio description, wheelchair access and a relaxed performance. This January, Imaginaries Theatre invites everyone to come along for the ride and rediscover their inner child.

"BIGGER THAN AMAZING. Your brain will probably explode, but it will grow back with super powers cause this is SOOO GOOD it’s the best thing I've EVER SEEN”
Biscuit (imaginary friend)

Paper Jam is brought to you by Imaginaries Theatre - a newly-formed, Wellington-based theatre company of VUW Te Herenga Waka MFA postgrad students Anna Barker, Belinda Campbell and Rebekah de Roo. This female-led creative team prioritises accessibility and sustainability in their practice and invite practitioners and audiences alike to consider doing the same.

Made in association with Six Degrees Festival.


ACCESS TICKET: $12 tickets for Deaf and disabled patrons both nights

TOUCH TOURS: 5.30pm every night, free of charge!

AUDIO DESCRIPTION: Integrated every night!