19 April

Playreading - Dark Matter


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100 mins

Playreading - Dark Matter

Written by Chris Robertson

One decision can change everybody’s life.

A crew of six journey millions of miles away, in search of the unknown. However, what they stumble upon could change everything. But should they keep what they found a secret for themselves, or should they let everyone back on Earth know the truth?

With only a day before they descend home, a choice has to be made. And it has to be now!

Dark Matter is a newly written play by Chris Robertson. A story we don’t often get to see in a theatre, but one that we should.


Strong language, and discussion of alcoholism, suicide, weapons, and terminal illness. 


Chris Robertson - Writer/Director

Aimee Dredge - Producer

Kit Marsh - Alice “the scientist”

Jackson Burling - Liam “the captain”

Kealan Schmidt- Peter “the pilot”

Maea Shepherd- Eva “the doctor”

Ren Mahuika - Adam “the sergeant”

Georgia Woodrow - Elizabeth “the engineer”