14 - 18 May

Pus Goose


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14 May 6.30 PM
15 May 6.30 PM
16 May 6.30 PM
17 May 6.30 PM
18 May 6.30 PM

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Cheap Wednesday
Extra Aroha Ticket
2 For 1 Thursday (Each)

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55 mins

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Pus Goose

Presented by Brynley Stent

Honk honk honk! During her childhood, comedian Brynley Stent experienced a recurring night terror involving a repulsive goose that prevented her from crossing a ravine. To this day, she has never conquered it... until now.

Join Brynley as she attempts to unravel the meaning of the dream and finally face her poultry foe. Part stand-up, part theatrical nightmare, this absurdist comedy show is all about conquering your greatest fears.

Winner - Billy T James Award 2021, NZ International Comedy Festival

Content Warning

Occasional bad language, adult themes

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