Image of a person who appears nude except for a rat mask and gloves.
4 - 9 March



New Zealand Theatre Live

RATFACE is an experimental solo body of work starring Sean and exploring duality; particularly what it means to simultaneously be predator and prey, and how that duality is used for personal betterment. Every day we better ourselves: our patience, understanding, and the part of ourselves that wants to be a better person, prey's upon the corners of us that harbor prejudice, irrationality in attempts to break down that which we have been coded, consciously or otherwise.

They are embracing the experimental and I expect them to push into new territory...
Dr James Wenley

Devised by Michaella Simpson and Sean Burnett Dugdale-Martin we will be taking pages from other bodies of experimental work, a la Standard Acts. It's going to be physical, energetic, it's narrative is aesthetically and metaphorically based instead of literally led.

Hot off the heels of his award-winning experimental performance art piece I WILL LAUGH Sean seeks to combine this with his work in the education sector as a secondary school teacher to not only hone a craft of experimentation but also incorporate a narrative on self-betterment.

Creative Team
Michaella Simpson (Brown Crown)
Sean Burnett Dugdale-Martin (I WILL LAUGH, Milk)

New Zealand Theatre Live is a Poneke-based theatre company striving to create joy-based, inventive, visceral content for, and inspired by, the people of Aotearoa.