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26 - 29 April



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60 mins

100% Comedy. 110% ASMR!

Touch Tour at 5:15pm before each show, no booking required.

Discover your Tingle Immunity with ASMR Artist Letitia Lickkit. This is Aotearoa’s first and only Live ASMR show!

ASMRAutonomous Sensory Meridian Response — refers to the scientifically recognised ‘tingling’ sensation some people experience from seeing or hearing ‘triggers’. Triggers might be whispering, the tapping of wood, the crinkling of paper, or carefully executed ‘boring’ tasks such as preparing vegetables. It’s a phenomenon that has seen millions of videos created for YouTube with billions of views.

Award winning theatre-maker Amy Grace Laura has taken some of the YouTube ASMR trigger videos she adores watching and adapted them into live theatre. RAW! ASMR is a raucous celebration of the beauty, relaxing nature, and intimacy of YouTube ASMR videos.

Starring Amy’s shimmering and ‘endearing-yet-slightly-terrifying’ ASMRtist persona Letitia Lickkit, RAW! ASMR is a fiercely fruitalicious farce about tingles and social media.

Prepare your brain for Letitia Lickkit’s live comedic anarchy and tingle-inducing spectacular organised chaos!

Accolades for RAW! ASMR

Winner Outstanding Sound Design, Auckland Fringe Festival 2022

Winner Development Award, Nelson Fringe Festival 2022

Winner Best Solo Performance, Nelson Fringe Festival 2022

Winner Spectacular Organised Chaos, New Zealand Fringe 2022

Nominated Best of Fest, Nelson Fringe Festival, 2022

Nominated Outstanding Performer, Nelson Fringe Festival, 2022

transported me directly into a strange, off-kilter whispering world, something akin to watching an ASMR video on YouTube while under the influence.
Olivia Wright, Rat World Magazine
Content Warning

Unusual sounds and excessive eating.

Creative Team Info:

Created & Performed by Amy Grace Laura
Directed by Sara Hirsch

Devised with Amy Booth, Bethany Miller, Liz ButlerPája Neuhöferov, and Jen O’Sullivan
Initially developed with the kind support of 54 Patrons, and the New Zealand Fringe Festival & Creative New Zealand through the Kākano Fund