4 - 7 August

Set Piece


Event duration icon Duration

60 mins


Nina Hogg
Ben Zolno

This improv troupe combines comedy, drama, intrigue and mystery to tell a story that you swear must have been written. The only way you can tell it is entirely made up is that YOU will inspire the entire journey. You bring the props, the producer brings a set they players have never seen before they walk on stage... based on what the improviser see, they make up a short play on the spot.

Bring a prop and a friend, to enjoy the first and last time this play is ever performed!

Oh wow, those people are doing a show? I'm a huge fan already!
Jennifer O'Sullivan, Locomotive Improv

Presented by The B Team (Pippa Drakeford-Croad, Nina Hogg, Malcolm Morrison, Wiremu Tuhiwai, and Ben Zolno) are a new group built up from a set of experienced improvisors coming from all corners of New Zealand, including Doom & Bloom, Best On Tap, Improsaurus, and mmmPop. The group's focus is performing grounded, theatrical-play-style improv, in which they take audiences on comedic & dramatic roller coasters that are as relatable as they are funny.