people sitting in circular shaped holes in a wall
4 - 11 March


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Presented by Third Party

Ever been put in a corner? Squared off against your rival? Entangled in a love triangle? Had a rhombus time with your mates?

Third Party presents Shaping Up! A fun, fast-paced improvised show where chance not only determines the shape of the stories, but the space where improvisors may perform them! Will you see a heart-breaking tale of lovers separated by a chasm, or an uncomfortable flat meeting in a broom cupboard?

Those and anything in between... and you may even have a hand in challenging our performers to shape up their act!

Third Party:
Ben Jardine
Jonathan Mandeno
Liz Butler
Max Porozny
Paja Neuhoferova
Tristram Domican
Kathryn Fitzpatrick