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19 - 21 July

Shift Your Paradigm (No Chairs Required)


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60 mins

Shift Your Paradigm (No Chairs Required)

Created by Mitchell Botting & David Bowers-Mason

Eric is the first senior CEO of the Wellington region at Do Be Us and tonight he has brought you this amazing opportunity. If he can sell his last twenty-seven chairs before the show is over, he’ll be promoted. And nothing, not his immoral sales techniques, his chirpy but sharp trainee Zoe, or his increasingly desperate family, will get in his way. However, after a call from the High Chair Man uproots all of Eric's plans, he spirals into questioning the ethics, cultish behaviour, and shoddy business practices. Will he escape the grips of Do Be Us or will Eric sink deeper into their murky waters?

Filled with side-splitting gags, hilarious premise, and a touch of anti-capitalist banter which always goes down a treat.
Austin Harrison - Art Murmurs

Mitchell Botting - Co-creator/ Director

David Bowers-Mason - Co-creator/ actor

Emma Maguire - Producer

Isabella Murray - Actor

Kevin Orlando - Actor

Adam Herbert - Lighting Tech

Emii Wilson - Projector and audio