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17 Jan - 3 Feb

Six Degrees Festival


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Jan. 17, 2024 – Feb. 3, 2024

Six Degrees Festival

Established in 2018, the Six Degrees Festival, 2024, is supported by Te Herenga  Waka—Victoria University of Wellington. It provides pathways for students from the Master of Fine Arts (Creative Practice) in Theatre to become professional theatre makers.

The MFA in Creative Practice hones leadership, collaborative, creative, and business skills over an intensive 12-month programme. It is an industry-focused, practical degree that focuses on cultivating students' artistic philosophies and craft, while exploring the whakapapa of their chosen field. 

In January and February 2024, 11 Master's students will present 7 shows in celebration of their achievements and learning during the Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington MFA programme.

Explore 2024 Six Degrees Programme Below:


17th - 20th Jan 6:30 PM in The Stage

Limbo is an original, modern Kiwi adaptation of 1300s epic poem, Dante's Inferno. David Noble is a washed-up comedian riding on the coattails of fame from years past. Against his best wishes, he is plucked from his debauchery by the benevolent spirit, Virgil. Career, legacy, family - everything is on the line.

As they peel back the layers of wrongs never righted, David is forced to confront the sins of his past to better his future. Limbo explores Dante’s original themes of morality, ethics, and loyalty, through a modernised lens.

Limbo is the 60 minute, comedy-drama debut by director, Kathy Keane. Co-written by herself, Tom Smith, and Jimmy Williamson. Presented by Keane As, in association with Believable Arts Management.


17th Jan - 20th Jan 8:00 PM In The Dome
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“Newly single bachelor David must learn to conform to his world’s dystopian adult dating climate in a 45-day ‘Relationship Hotel’—or transform into the eponymous crustacean. With such a limited time to find the love of their life, the propagandising of the nuclear family in the hotel breeds a deep fear of loneliness in the hearts of each guest—terrified to discover what life after the hotel could mean. Laced with unflinchingly dark humour, the play is sure to appeal to fans of the original film and win over the hearts of newcomers. Will David meet his match and ascend beyond his claustrophobic confines, or succumb to his aquatic fate?”


24rd - 27th Jan at 6:30 PM In The Dome

‘On God’ follows the journey of Nafanua, the Samoan goddess of war, and Jesus, the Son of God, as they bestow their wisdom and knowledge to various humans on earth that are experiencing their own trials and tribulations. As the play progresses, Nafanua and Jesus are constantly at odds with each other, with their different ideals and personal issues against each other getting in the way of aiding the humans on earth. Will they find a way to work together, or will the world as we know it continue to suffer?

At The Altar

24rd - 27th Jan in the Stage at 8:00 PM
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Wedding preparations are stressful. That’s to be expected. But when Laurel gets a midnight plea for help from her sister Daphne, she makes the cross country trip at the drop of a hat. What greets her are gardens that seemingly stretch forever and the news that Daphne is missing. With only days until the wedding, Laurel takes it upon herself to find her dear little sister. But something lurks in the manor’s walls, eyes watch unseen and ghosts of the past aren’t willing to stay buried. Will Laurel be reunited with her little sister or will the Barker Estate swallow her whole?

Kia Ora Khalid

31st Jan - 3rd Feb in The Stage 7:30 PM
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Heart-pounding children’s opera Kia Ora Khalid tells how four migrant children came to Aotearoa New Zealand. Tom - a Polish New Zealander; Serena - a Samoan; Trang - a first generation Cambodian; and Khalid - a Tampa refugee from Afghanistan. Their stories reveal the touching story of 700 Polish refugees landing in the country in the 1940s, the troubled world of Cambodia, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. A musical journey over continents and world history, Kia Ora Khalid displays educational values, creates socio-political awareness, and increases New Zealanders’ sense of understanding and acceptance of migrants finding refuge in New Zealand.

We, The Outsiders

31st Jan - 3rd Feb in The Dome at 6:00 PM

We, The Outsiders is an original documentary theatre piece created and inspired by real-life stories of migrant workers living in New Zealand. A captivating and thought-provoking theatrical experience that sheds light on the diverse challenges migrants face in New Zealand. From unspoken issues of trying to fit in, learning new languages, to adapting to a whole new culture entirely.

This production explores themes of identity, belonging, and integration, through a collection of interviews, testimonies, and dramatised retellings. A powerful blend of storytelling, original music, and multimedia elements. We, The Outsiders aims to spark in-depth conversations about who migrates to Aotearoa and why. Raw, frustrating, and hilarious – much like life itself – this show is not one to miss.


31st Jan - 3rd Feb 8:30 PM in The Dome
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What lurks beneath our seabed? A plug. Earth's belly button. From whence we rose and now must return, to pull. Drain the excess. Before the sea swelling swallows us. A blip ventures below, braving the absurdities of life pressurized as their subconscious seeps out into the deep. Through experimental vocal techniques, live soundscapes, and anarchic improvisation, blip explores the power of the human voice against the cataclysmic wave of noise.