14 - 17 June

Slowing the Sun


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50 mins

Slowing the Sun

Isaac Martyn - Kaituhi / Playwright

A story of modern indigenous times in tandem with the pūrākau “Māui me te Rā”.

A whānau in a town just outside of a coastal city is burdened by insurmountable challenges: a racist system, colonised minds, a tumultuous climate, lingering grief, and worst of all - the stubbornly unchanging nature of each member of the whānau. For the tamariki o te whānau, Putu, the answers for how you can achieve the impossible lie in the story of Māui slowing the sun.

How can something that has always existed be changed?

And what do you do when the people who are supposed to be your pou, are tearing you down?

Content Warning

PG - Parental guidance advised: Adult Concepts, Coarse Language, Reference to Violence

Creative Team

Playwright and Producer: Isaac Martyn

Director: Tawhi Thomas

Set: Alex Martyn

Stage Manager: Arvin Bahadornejad

Cast: Brooke Wharehinga, Māhanga Mitchell, Maddy Vai-Little, Kupe Renata

Poster design: India Worsnop