Smash it Bro prmotional image - a psychedelic middle finger hand with feet surrounded by leaves on a garage door with bricks at the sides
10 - 12 March

Smash it Bro!


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60 mins

Smash it Bro!

Legendurry Productions
Sometimes there are really happy mistakes.
Taika Waititi

For a devastating comedy, with frightfully hilarious twists and turns, come and experience Smash It Bro!, a show that follows two deadbeat friends who shortly after entering, find themselves locked in a shed.

With nothing but time, the pair slowly unhinge and divulge into chaos. Legendurry Productions brings a fresh out of the box devised piece with all the ups and downs you could ever hope for. Creators, Unity Brown and Eli Payne take you on a journey that will have you laughing until you cry, and hitting home so hard that your laugh-cry becomes a real cry.

In the 50 minutes they are trapped in the shed, the unexpected pair, Axl and River find that they have nothing to do and don't quite know how to handle the jandal. Within this vacuum of time they reflect on the past, society, the self, and ultimately find unfortunate ways to entertain themselves.

Smash it Bro! is all that and a bag o' chips. The rest is history.

Creative Team

Unity Brown

Playwright, Performer & Producer

Eli Payne

Playwright, Performer & Marketing Manager

Margherita Cornali

Designer & Stage Manager