a person sits at a table surrounded by seemingly random objects - coffee cups, beans, a vape,
8 - 10 March


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A Development Season

Presented by Duct Taped On

Sonder - The sudden realisation that every person lives a life as complex, real, and vibrant as your own. That everyone has their own detailed and complicated story that you may only play a minuscule part in

In this semi-interactive experience, you can be the extra in the back of the coffee shop, the onlooker on the busy street, catching brief glances into the complicated goings-on of others’ lives. Follow what interests you, be the witness to everything daily life has to offer. Find moments of love, laughter, and even heartbreak. This is people-watching at its peak.

From the mundane to the extraordinary, you can watch with voyeuristic enjoyment as the comedy, tragedy and drama of Wellington city unfolds around you.

SONDER is a semi-interactive show that allows the audience to walk amongst multiple, overlapping stories based on real conversations from around Wellington.

Duct Taped On started with coffee, overambition, and more uncharacteristic optimism than the creators had ever seen before. Founded by two friends, (founders Isabella Murray and Revena Correll Trnka) the company first hit the Wellington theatre scene with their premier show, Saltwater Bath as part of the 2019 Fringe Festival and have continued to create ever since, from last year’s Love and Plastic Roses to the exhibition SONDER is based on.

SONDER also includes performances by Pauline Ward and design by Scott Maxim.