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14 - 17 July

The Boy with Wings


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50 mins

The Boy with Wings

By Birdlife Productions

Using puppetry, songs, storytelling, and exquisite hand-crafted sets that magically unfold out of boxes, award-winning theatre company Birdlife Productions promise laughter, tears and thrilling adventure when young Jack's epic journey unites with the miracle of Kuaka/Bar-tailed Godwit migration. Melded with a real-time ornithological lecture, this is a comic, touching, and environmental story that dares us all to follow our dreams!

In this high-tech fast-paced digital world, Birdlife Productions offer a counter to screen time that allows space in ‘real-time’ for children to watch, listen and reflect. In this way, The Boy with Wings reaches to the heart of children, helping them build resilience and reflecting for them the processes of transformation.

Captures our imaginations and our hearts from start to finish
Lisa-Jane Easter, Education Manager - Hawkes Bay Arts Festival

The story unfolds as autumn closes in and the Kuaka (Bar-tailed Godwits) take flight to begin their long migration from New Zealand to Alaska. They have to trust in some kind of ‘inner map’ that guides them to their ‘treasure’ – the northern breeding grounds that assure them of continued life. This process is nothing short of a miracle and watching them take to the sky is young Jack who needs to go on a journey of his own. Due to lack of rain, his ancient apple orchard is dying and after a dream tells him to look for a “boy with wings and the treasure that will save his trees” he decides to follow the migrating birds. Jack’s adventure unfolds in a dramatic (and often humorous) way as he edges closer to finding his treasure! Suitable for ages 5 to 95 years.