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9 - 10 September

The Emperor's New Clothes


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60 mins


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The Emperor's New Clothes

By Sacha Copland

You're invited to The Emperor’s New Clothes to see the world’s most amazing outfits.

See 40-year-old choreographer Sacha Copland dance in the lushest, richest, most sumptuous fabrics in the world. But there is just one catch. These divine clothes, created by the best fashion designers in the world, are completely invisible to anyone who has a high level of acceptance of the current economic system. It’s a high-risk proposition.

Come and be amazed by the splendour of the costumes or come and see absolutely nothing. This is a show for people who like risk, profit and loss statements, outrageous dancing, the cardiovascular system and the deconstruction of power. This is a show for people who love the human body.

Don’t worry, I’m sure you will be able to see the amazing costumes in all their glory.

They really are beautiful.

She is tackling the big conundrums of this worldly existence, which could be a trap, but she pulls it off through artistic maturity, collaboration, deep thinking, research, originality and bravery
Home of the Gods, Theatreview, 2021
Creative Team

Choreographer: Sacha Copland

Composer: Tristan Carter

Dramaturg & Script Advisor: Sameena Zehra

Costume Designer: I.M. Faux

Thanks to CNZ & WCC.

Image Credit: Roc+ Photography

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