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The Princess and the Knight Hero.jpg
25 - 29 January

The Princess and the Knight

With trouble lurking around every corner, how will Princess Ada and Prince Lysander ever have the wedding of their dreams?!

When a mysterious knight appears, Ada begins to question everything she knows about true love...

Inconceivable Productions presents the break-out piece from writer Brie Keatley, The Princess and the Knight. Designed to broaden horizons and tug on the heart-strings, this LGBTQIA+-friendly play is sure to be a barrel of laughs fit for the whole family!

Made in association with Six Degrees Festival.

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Cast and Crew

Writer/Designer: Brie Keatley

Director: Katherine (Katie) Hill

Stage Manager: Piper Elliott

Production Manager: Michaella Simpson

Scenographer: Georgia Goodsell

Operator: Kelly Mui

Marketing: Aimee Somerville

Music and Sound: Sebastian Kerebs

Starring: Angela Pelham, Ruby Carter, Tadhg Mackay, India Worsnop, Bibi Grainer and Lincoln Swinerd.