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29 November - 3 December

The Princess & The Knight


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50 mins

The Princess and the Knight

Presented By Inconceivable Productions

The Princess and the Knight follows the story of Princess Ada who is to be married to the wonderful Prince Lysander, but there’s a problem… She doesn’t love him… In fact, she doesn’t know what love is full stop! When Ada is kidnapped for the umpteenth time by her arch nemesis only days before her wedding and is rescued by the dashing knight, Lady Ellis, she will question everything she knows about love and learn what it truly is to love another person.

The Princess and the Knight aims to normalise queerness in childhood, champion the voices of queer women and celebrate wholesome masculinity.

It is a delight to see young practitioners reflecting on their own childhood, and responding by creating work they wish they had seen as children.
Dr. Kerryn Palmer
Inconceivable Productions are an emerging theatre company filled with whimsy, who are dedicated to creating engaging theatre design to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Director: Katie Hill

Writer/Producer: Brie Keatley

Designer: Jasmine Bryham

Stage Manager: Georgia Goodsell

Costume: Ruby Cassandra

Music: Sebastian Kerebs

Marketing: Courtney Ellingham-Prebble

Marketing Material Designer: India Worsnop

Production Assistant: Bibi Grainer

Starring: Angela Pelham, Ruby Carter, India Worsnop, Daniel Nodder, Nina Hogg and Lincoln Swinerd