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6 - 14 April



Presented by House of Sand

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 this show has been cancelled, our apologies for the inconvenience.

Undo to begin. UNDOING is a dance manifestation of wild abandonment and initiation brought to you by the award winning cutting edge contemporary performance company House of Sand.

A sensory ensemble experience articulated by a visual spectacular of limbs, passion and theatricality. UDOING is absurd, strange and raw. It punctures the seriousness of contemporary dance by highlighting the joy, sensual pleasure and general absurdity of the body. Unleashing and unpacking the lingering scream in the pits of ourselves.

Aware of its own absurdity and whimsy, UNDOING infuses a lightness and humour while also allowing audiences space to be swept away by the honest emotional energy and crashing intimate vulnerability of dance. Showcased by a visceral and powerful display of virtuosic craft and play, this show features an impressive ensemble cast of 10 dancers from the Põneke dance scene at the height of their technical ability.

Occasionally an artist emerges who possesses the thrill to surprise. Eliza Sanders is such an artist… Sanders’ work will offer a new experience in the lexicon of dance.
Peter Wilkins, Canberra Critics Circle (AUS)

House of Sand have a reputation for creative risk and care for community in their work. UNDOING aims to bring the audience and artists closer together to share in subtle and tender ways to interact with the presence of human bodies in a shared space without the need to touch or physically engage.

UNDOING (previously titled So you'll never have to wear a concrete dressing gown) was commissioned and first presented by the New Zealand School of Dance as part of Graduation Season 2021, with financial assistance from the Australian High Commission.

Eliza and Charley (House of Sand) are important artists who give us an alternate view of the world
Suzy Wrong, Suzy goes see & Auditorium (UK)

Presented by House of Sand

Created, Directed and Choreographed by Eliza Sanders

Devised by the ensemble of dancers.

​​Show image credit:

Graphic Design: Ben Emerson

Photography: Sarah Kaye Photography


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