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8 - 11 March

Ungartered Territory


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50 mins

Ungartered Territory

Performed by Austin Harrison and Megan Connolly

What happens when the champagne buzz dulls and the wedding cake is packed away? What happens when the newlyweds retreat to their hotel room? Is it everything they expected?

This improvised heartfelt comedy show explores unconditional love and unconventional relationships through the peep hole of a hotel room door.

Ungartered Territory is a unique story, set within in a familiar realm, that celebrates the diversity within our community and how our sexual orientation does not define us…Because sometimes a relationship isn’t just about what’s happening between the sheets.

Ungartered Territory features performances from Austin Harrison and Megan Connolly, two of Pōneke’s most hilarious and experienced improvisers and theatre makers.

Their company, Ace-ssential Workers, was born from the desire to see stories that highlight an often under represented sexual orientation such as ace-sexuality (and those under the umbrella) in a way that is real, honest, hopeful and hilarious.